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Oak Ridge Kiwanis Feb 14 Meeting Invitation by President William Gwin

When and Where: Tuesday 12 noon February 14, 2023 Kiwanis Meeting Presentation at the Oak Ridge First Presbyterian Church on 1051 Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge TN. Kathy Martin and Toni Stephenson will speak about National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Activities and Support.

Light refreshments will be offered.

Speakers: The Tuesday noon February 14 Presentation for the Kiwanis Club of Oak Ridge was arranged with NAMI Speakers Kathy Martin and Toni Stephenson. The presentation will focus on Family to Family Support and Education activities of NAMI [seen HERE] that can be given to persons and families. Topics will be featured such as Online Family Support Group Meetings, News, Events and an Anderson County Family to Family Course [seen HERE] designed to help persons cope with family members having a serious mental illness.

Format: The Presentation will begin shortly after Tuesday 12 noon February 14 when the Meeting will be started by Kiwanis President William Gwin who will introduce the Speakers. Kiwanis Topics or announcements could occur after the presentation.

Invitation: A Meeting Invitation is being sent to Oak Ridge Kiwanis Members and Friends. Kiwanis Members from other Clubs are welcome. We would be pleased to have you attend in person and learn more about the local NAMI events and their supporting activities.

Interfaces: The Kiwani's Club of Oak Ridge and/or Members provide support to Community Groups and local agencies and receive support from others. Examples include Ridgeview Behavioral Health Services – a Kiwanis Corporate Member, Tennessee Members First Federal Credit Union – a Kiwanis Corporate Member, The Lantern at Morning Pointe of Clinton – a Kiwanis Corporate Member, CASA – a Kiwanis Corporate Member, ASAP of Anderson – a Kiwanis Corporate Member, United Way of Anderson County, Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, ADFAC, Boys and Girls Club of Oak Ridge, Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) – Harriman, Key Club at ORHS, Boy Scout Troop 129, Holiday Bureau Toys Project, and ORHS Graduation Celebration.

Harold Hartman. Oak Ridge TN Kiwanis Secretary. Phone 865-560-3041. Kiwani's site HERE.


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