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Anderson County Family to Family

There is a Family to Family course coming up in January, and it will be on Zoom. This class is designed to help family members/caregivers learn how to cope with having a family member with serious mental illness. The course covers the many facets of mental illness and the effects on family members/caregivers. The most valuable part of the Family to Family program for me was that it taught me how to behave in a manner that brought calmness to the household and calm to my family member. I realized that I had a big part in causing the chaos. Another wonderful thing about Family to Family is that it creates an instant support group of people that truly understand what you are going through. Learn more here. #youarenotalone #NamiOakRidge

If you are interested in taking this course, send an email to or call me at the number below.

Kathy Martin, Volunteer Chair NAMI Oak Ridge (865) 466-1234

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