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Why Supporting Mental Health is Vital for Women: A Conversation with Two Mental Health Advocates

In honor of International Women's Day, on March 8th, NAMI CEO Daniel H. Gillison Jr. speaks with two mental health warriors:

Jamie Gray Hyder, you may recognize her for the role as Lieutenant Nora Salter in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or her role as Detective Katriona Tamin in Law & Order SVU.

Elise Banks, as Miss Texas she went on to win 2015's Miss international with her platform "Healthy Mind – Successful Life", traveling all over the world to discuss mental health.

Video Title: Gender & Mental Health: NAMI Ambassadors Discuss Challenges and Support for Women on International Women’s Day


Women feeling guilt and the struggles in taking time for mental health care:

- Women face guilt for taking time for therapy while juggling multiple responsibilities, roles and unbalanced expectations.

- The struggle to overcome idealized versions and social media pressure is particularly challenging for young people.

Personal journey led to career in mental health with NAMI:

- Saw emotional toll of Alzheimer's on family, sparked interest in mental health

- Overcame struggles of rejection, learned not to personalize it

Failures and rejections can lead to growth and success:

- Embracing failures and learning from them can make us stronger and more resilient.

- Using setbacks as motivation to achieve future success is a powerful mindset.

Prioritize self-care and recognizing achievements for better mental health:

- Women face societal pressures and expectations that affect their mental well-being

- The emphasis on appearance can overshadow the other valuable contributions made

Positive examples and showing the layers of the journey is important:

- Heralding the achievements of women who are willing to be open about their struggles.

- Encouraging open conversations and seeking support from someone trustworthy

- You don't have to suffer alone; help is available.

- It's important to actively listen and meet people where they are in their journey.

- It's okay to seek help even if you're not in crisis

Navigating peer pressure, self-trust, and boundaries

- Navigating the impact of peer pressure and social media on young women.

- Importance of building a relationship with oneself, trusting and recognizing the need to prioritize mental well-being over people-pleasing.

- Normalizing the conversation about rescheduling with friends

- Establishing and respecting personal boundaries, and knowing one's energy limits

Recognizing and embracing self-worth:

- Struggles can lead to personal growth and confidence

- Understanding and valuing what makes you unique

Encouragement to survivors of trauma:

- Survivors should understand that the trauma happened to them, not because of them.

- Advocacy for self-worth and grounding oneself in personal identity.

Change is inevitable; endure the present moment as progress:

- Recognize that even feeling better before is progress.

- In times of darkness, hold on, the next page is coming.

Validation and sharing experiences are vital for mental health.

- It's important to know that others have gone through similar experiences and emotions, and it's okay to seek help.

- Recognizing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggles.


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